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Nhawfal Juma’at (Singapore)


Nhawfal Juma’at (Singapore) makes conceptual, minimalistic art that responds directly to his surroundings through paintings, photos and drawings.. Taking everyday experiences as a point of departure, his works often frame moments that would otherwise go unnoticed in their original context.


In This Space I Will Find You

Variable. Steel, stainless steel sheets with mirror finish.


Weave your way through the columns. What do you see?


In This Space I Will Find You is an outdoor public art installation that draws inspiration from the geometric forms of Singapore’s housing estates. Consisting of mirrored columns that surround a similarly reflective cube-shaped pavilion, the installation has the paradoxical appearance of seeming both monumental yet light and insubstantial: present, yet almost dissolving into its environment.  Its fort-like circular layout suggests a psychological stronghold, and acts as an instrument of expression that calls to mind the various prisms through which we view others and ourselves. 


The passage of time and comings and goings of people make each visit to this artwork a unique experience. Having seen the gradual development of Woodlands while growing up here, artist Nhawfal Juma’at wants to playfully remind us that home itself is a work in progress that constantly changes, with improvements and corrections made over time. 

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