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Kayleigh Goh (Malaysia)


Kayleigh Goh (Malaysia) is interested in the psychological and poetic implications of place, such as how different spaces can evoke distinct emotions. Using plain construction materials as  paint and canvas, her works attempt to immortalise personal experiences of ordinary spaces in a soft palette.

Just Another Paralleled Day

3.4m (H) x 5.9 (L) x 3.5 (W)

Plywood board, cement and acrylic paints, floor vinyl stickers.


Where am I? Inside, or outside?


Just Another Paralleled Day is a site-specific painting installation exploring Malaysian artist Kayleigh Goh’s personal experience of living in a border city. Though she has never lived in Woodlands, it is a transitional place for her that is strikingly familiar as she commuted between Johor Bahru and Singapore almost daily from 2014 to 2016 while studying here. The artwork draws inspiration from her journeys – of moving from places to spaces, home to school, and room to studio – and reflects the psychological state of living between two cities that often feels akin to living two parallel lives. 


The artist’s choice of location underlines her concept: a circulation space, the void deck is used by residents of Block 823, park users of Fushan Garden, and students of the school just across the road. It too is a place of transit, where the liminal experience of passing through somewhere en route to one’s destination continually recurs.




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