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Variable, Bamboo


Walk through the beautiful shelters. Are the sky, air and sunlight different when in there?


Stardust consists of a group of bamboo shelter structures that were hand-built by Indonesian architect and artist Eko Prawoto and his assistants. This artwork creates atmospheric communal spaces that are meant to provide more opportunities for people to come together, participate in shared activities, and engage with one another.


Prawoto believes that all humans share a universal connection to nature which defines our existence, and Stardust is also an invitation to appreciate the simple beauty of our environment. Sit awhile inside. Watch rays of sunlight filter through the interwoven bamboo. Pause, to look – think – and feel.


Eko Prawoto (Indonesia)

Eko Prawoto (Indonesia) is an architect and educator whose art combines contemporary design with local knowledge. His large-scale bamboo installations are often constructed using techniques from Indonesian cultural traditions. One such work, titled Wormhole (2013), was exhibited outside the National Museum of Singapore during the Singapore Biennale that year.


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