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The Hiding Place

2m (W) x 3m (L) x 2.5m (H), Mixed media.


Come on in, take off your shoes –  have a moment of rest before continuing your walk!


Inspired by the idea of a self-contained and mobile Shepherd’s Hut, The Hiding Place is a pop-up shelter that rolls the various spaces of a home (such as the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, sitting room and storeroom) all into one. The small cabin is decorated with used local furniture from the 1950s and 60s, evoking the rustic charm of farming communities where such makeshift shelters originated.


The artwork offers a free and cosy space that anyone can use, for work or play – but everyone who does must do their part to keep it tidy and clean. Chiew likes the idea of shared spaces, and hopes that The Hiding Place will provide a comfortable atmosphere for friends and strangers alike to interact. 

Chiew Sien Kuan (Singapore)


Chiew Sien Kuan (Singapore) creates art that responds to issues of environmentalism, technology, and the renewal and loss of urban spaces, which have influenced people’s sense of reality. His sculptures are characterised by the use of found objects sourced over an extended period of time and assembled together.


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